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United Prospectors Inc.,

The oldest family-oriented small miner's corporation in the US, established in 1947

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United Prospectors, an organization devoted to mineral and gem prospecting for the entire family

Welcome to United Prospectors, Inc., a family-oriented small miner's corporation dedicated to the enjoyable, relaxing, and potentially profitable activities of rock hounding, metal detecting, gold prospecting and mineral hunting.

Please look around our website and make yourself at home.

  • Are you looking for a relaxing way to enjoy your leisure time?
  • Do you enjoy the outdoors?
  • Ever thought about trying your hand at gold, rock or mineral prospecting?
  • Does creating new friendships and gathering on a weekend with others who have the same interest as you sound appealing?
  • Is sitting around a campfire during an evening with others after enjoying a scrumptious potluck meal sharing your days' mining experiences sound like something you'd like?
  • How about the chance to win a nice gold nugget with the drawing ticket you're holding?
  • You've come to the right place!

    "But I've never tried prospecting before..." or "Not all my family members are interested in prospecting...". Not a problem. We have folks who have prospected for years who are more than happy to show you how. Whether you have a gold pan and want to know how "it works" or you've just bought a sluice box and need some instruction on how to use it, we at UPI are there to help. For those family members not really interested in prospecting but enjoy the outdoors there other activities available during our outings such as swimming, hiking, fishing or just taking a nice snooze in the shade of a nice-smelling pine tree. So come to one of our outings and check us out!