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United Prospectors Inc.,

The oldest family-oriented small miner's corporation in the US, established in 1947

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Pioneer Mining Supply

Pioneer Mining Supply Is The Home Of The Famous Blue Bowl Concentrator In Northern California.

Snake River Products

Aurora Mining Products and have joined companies to create Snake River Products (SRP). Our equipment are some of the best tools available on the market today, covering the full spectrum of mining from prospecting to finishing.

Wilson Brothers Prospecting LLC

Our goal is to provide great products to prospectors and above all offer inexpensive products to take the family out and make new memories.

American Mining Supply

American Mining Supply was born out of a passion and that passion is gold. We are California's reliable prospecting equipment company with fast shipping, great customer care, and awesome products!


Introducing the "Gold Webb" - Cleans black sand from gold FAST!


Selling Gold Nuggets and Pay Dirt online since 1999.


All products are Designed, built, tested, and proven, in the heart of the California mother lode; Carefully handcrafted; and Built by a miner with longterm quality in mind.Prospecting Equipment, Dredges, Metal Detectors, & Topographic maps.

MB Gold Mfg.
Tools for the Prospector, Suction Guns View Scopes, Sluice Gates.

Bay Saw & Tool

Complete service on any pneumatic, gas, or electric tool.

Grassland Gun Repair

Hot Bluing, Stock Repair, Trigger Jobs, Accurizing, and Hunter Safety Classes.

American Mining Rights Association (AMRA)

An advocacy group for miners and public land users to preserve and maintain their rights as they pertain to access to their public lands and their rights to obtain the minerals on those lands.

Detection Net

One of the World's Largest Selection of Metal Detectors and Accessories

Mad Mining

Manufacturers of Custom Mining Equipment

Placerville Hardware

Focusing on superb customer service

Everything you ever wanted to know about metal detectors but were afraid to ask.

Treasure Hunter Depot

News and information on metal detectors, and showing off finds.

Hotel Jeffery
Located in Coulterville, CA, on historic Highway 132.

International California Mining Journal
A magazine for the independent miner. Probably the most informative publication on issues affecting miners.

Looking for prospecting maps? Take a look at GOLDMAPS.COM.

U.S. Forest Service Campground Guide
A guide to all federal forest service campgrounds

California State Parks Guide
An in-depth list of all California state parks

California BLM
The California Bureau of Land Management.

Dept. Fish & Game
The official California Department of Fish & Game web site.
Terra Server Digital Satellite Imagery
Zero in on your home or that favorite spot for prospecting you've been wondering about using satellite imagery and Terra Server. Input a location or continue to click on the maps until you're in close. Be patient! It'll take awhile to focus in on a specific location.
Lost Treasure
The online site for Lost Treasure Magazine, a site focusing on treasure hunting and metal detecting. Features field tests of popular metal detectors, including gold detectors.
Ghost Towns
A nice site with tons of information on ghost towns, organized by state, county, etc.
Gold Country
A virtual tour of the California Gold Country.


A site for the small scale gold prospector to conveniently find access to public land, open to gold prospecting in and around Colorado's gold belt.

A nice collection of maps for sale that may be of interest to the miner, the explorer, and the prospector.

Kellyco Metal Detectors
Kellyco is an online merchant specializing in metal detectors. They offer nearly every make and model of metal detector you could ever want. If you are in the market for a metal detector, be sure and check out their site.
Online retailer offers a wide range of metal detectors and metal detector equipment from the leading names in the industry.

Gold Miner's Headquarters
An International recreational gold mining directory. They list over 500 businesses that do not have an internet web site!

Central Valley Prospectors
An active, fun, educational, family-friendly club. GPAA Affiliate Chapter, Fresno California.
We are a small company (Lost & Foundry) in Spokane, WA and have been making and selling foundry furnaces and kits for the last 10 years, propane powered furnace. Our furnaces are in all 50 States and 20 Countries. We have sold to many gold smelting customers, there are a few listed on our customer testimonial page. Our furnaces melt gold, silver, brass, bronze, alum etc. The furnaces start at $265, burner/hose/regulator included. The foundry kits start at $380. Furnace, 2 crucibles, sand and molding kit. We also have free step-by-step pages of many different casting items. Sand casting is easy to learn and very economical. We have been teaching kids and adults for more than 8 years, classes available.
We invite all types of individuals like jewelry buyers, dealers, dentists, etc to sell gold to us. We buy gold coins, gold jewelry, gold scrap or any gold item using a hassle free process and offer great returns.

The East Bay Gold Prospectors
Welcome to The East Bay Gold Prospectors!!!!!
Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

California Sluice Box

Home of the Bucket Sluice Concentrator, and markets a variety of mining equipment that may be of interest to today's prospectors.

R & M Small Mining Equipment

Would like to try your hand at small scale hard rock mining? Check out the equipment offered by this company...

Beautiful gold nuggets for sale from Alaska, California, Australia, Arizona and more!!!