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Welcome to United Prospectors, Inc., a family-oriented small miner's corporation dedicated to the enjoyable, relaxing, and potentially profitable activities of rock hounding, metal detecting, gold prospecting and mineral hunting.

Jim Madden

January 1947 to December 2013
Former UPI Board Member and Friend

James "Jim" Howard Madden, 66, of San Bruno, passed away December 9, 2013 at the age of 66 . Jim was born in Los Angeles, California to Mary Korlaski Madden and James Madden. Mary later married John Nixon who raised Jim as a beloved son.

He was a Veteran of the Vietnam War, an avid gold miner, inventor and a loving husband, father and grandfather. He married Pamela Ann Boyett in 1969 and together they celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary in February.

Jim retired from AT&T in 2007 after 37 years of service. He will be best remembered for his great passion for gold mining. Jim was active in the pursuit of legislation to protect the rights of gold miners in California. He was a member and officer of numerous mining clubs including GPAA, Lost Dutchman's Assoc., Coarsegold Gold Prospectors and United Prospectors, Inc. Jim served on the UPI Board of Directors for many years tirelessly looking out for our claims and finding us new claims. Jim always found time to contribute to the newsletter as well as keeping up with folks on Talk and Trade. He was also an active member of Contra Costa and Santa Clara Chapters and always found time to bring a story to the meetings. He enjoyed creating and making items at the Tech Shop, but an even greater joy to him was the time he spent with his grandchildren.

Jim is survived by his wife Pamela, two daughters, Tracey Ann Jones and Tiffany Ann Simonini, both of Pacifica and sons in law David Jones and Michael Simonini and his two beloved grandchildren, Juliana and Austin Simonini. Brother in law Dave Boyett (Rebecca, Ashley & Ryan), Bob Boyett (Lana), sister in law Joann Bedard, nephew Bobby Boyett (May & Alexandra) his brothers Jack (Nieces Jennifer & Morgan) and Jerry Nixon and mother Mary Nixon of Des Moines, Iowa.

The beauty of a life well lived is that it is never forgotten. Goodbye our friend, thank you for all you did for us. We will miss you, but, never forget you!


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  • Are you looking for a relaxing way to enjoy your leisure time?
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  • Is sitting around a campfire during an evening with others after enjoying a scrumptious potluck meal sharing your days' mining experiences sound like something you'd like?
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"But I've never tried prospecting before..." or "Not all my family members are interested in prospecting...". Not a problem. We have folks who have prospected for years who are more than happy to show you how. Whether you have a gold pan and want to know how "it works" or you've just bought a dredge and need some instruction on how to use it, we at UPI are there to help. For those family members not really interested in prospecting but enjoy the outdoors there other activities available during our outings such as swimming, hiking, fishing or just taking a nice snooze in the shade of a nice-smelling pine tree.   So come to one of our outings and check us out!

The photographs below shows the gold and prizes that UPI gave away as raffle prizes at the Coulterville outing last year.  (November 13 - 15, 2009)  You must be present to win, so come join us at the outing!

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Special Notice Related to the recent ban on Suction Dredging in California:

Public Lands for the People (PLP) is an organization whose purpose is to represent all types of outdoor user groups that are interested in keeping Public and Private lands open for the purpose of Mining, Timber, Grazing and all forms of recreation on a non-discriminatory basis.

As an organization, United Prospectors, Inc. believes in these same goals and would like to pass on a message from the PLP President, Gerald Hobbs, to help in their efforts. You can visit the website for PLP here:

Here is the text he put on their forum.

If you feel you have had harm from the California Legislators passing SB 670 to prohibit suction dredge mining, this is your chance to make it known. PLP is asking those who have been financially harmed by this Bill to please take a few minutes out of your life to write a short letter addressing that harm and send it to

We will see that it gets to our attorney so that we can make the courts and the legislators aware of what SB 670 is really doing to a lot of people. It matters not whether you are an individual miner, businessman or association, if you have had loss to your self or your family because of this moratorium please describe it and let us know. Did you use the extra income for medicines, fuel, food or even suppliment your personal or family income?

I know there are some real horror stories out there because I had calls from individuals who expressed great concern and loss. I will print the letters out and see that they are looked at by the right people.

Thank You

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